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_____ Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender. NEW!
Here is Thomas Greco's latest, best, and most comprehensive treatise on money and exchange alternatives. This book explains, in clear and accessible prose, the mysteries and realities of money. It also describes concrete and realistic actions that individuals, businesses, social service agencies, and governments can take to enhance productivity and purchasing power, to protect local economies from the ravages of globalization, and to strengthen the bonds of community. This book is both a radical critique of our existing financial system and a practical, inspirational how-to manual for creating vibrant and effective community currency systems. ISBN 1-890132-37-3. Chelsea Green Publishing Co., 2001, 295 pages, $19.95.

_____ New Money for Healthy Communities. The how-to-do-it guide to local currency and trading systems. Shows how voluntary groups, small or large, can organize themselves to reduce their need for conventional money, and create, through private initiative, more equitable and vital local economies. ISBN 0-9625208-2-9, 1994, 210 pages, $15.95. Collector's item. only a few copies left.

_____ Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis, 2nd edition. Makes money understandable, explains the "usury trap," describes why the gap between "the haves" and "the have-nots" continues to widen, and lays out a framework for monetary liberation and economic transformation. Contains an important section which explains why the various functions of money need to be segregated, and how it can be done. ISBN 0-9625208-1-0, 1990, 75 pages, $8.00.

_____ Flight From Inflation , by E. C. Riegel. I've learned more about the nature of money from this source than from any other. Riegel provides the bedrock foundation for understanding money. Highly recommended. $12.95.

_____ A New Approach to Freedom , by E. C. Riegel. Argues that the money power rests with the individual, not the state, and that freedom can be grasped only when people exercise that power. Highly recommended. Hardcover. $12.95.

_____ The Works - one copy of each of the 5 books above for a discounted price of $59.95 (a savings of almost $10).

_____ Engine of Destruction: Money, Usury, and the Growth Imperative.
Most of the money in circulation today is "checkbook money," i.e., it consists of bank deposits which are created when banks make "loans" on which they charge interest. This has created a debt imperative, which, in turn, creates a growth imperative. Thus, it is the usury-based monetary system which is driving economic inequity, social decay, and environmental degradation. 21 pp. with tables and charts. $6.00.

_____ The Cooperative Community Commonwealth: A Prospective Outline for a New Socio-economic Framework.
A visionary description of the structural changes needed to create healthy, harmonious, and happy communities. All are based on voluntary, cooperative initiatives which ordinary people can undertake using their currently available resources. 10 pp. 3.50.

_____ The Equity Mortgage: An Alternative to Usury.
Provides an answer to the dilemma of how the saving and investment functions can be accomplished without resorting to interest-bearing debt. Describes a way in which major purchases, like homes, can be financed debt-free and interest-free using equity shares, while providing a fair return to the investor. This approach can also be applied to financing businesses. Includes numerical illustrations and tables which compare the cost of a conventional mortgage with the cost of an equity mortgage. 13 pp. $5.00.

Article Reprints
_____ "New Money: A Creative Opportunity for Business."
Perspectives on Business and Global Change (World Business Academy), Vol. 11, No 3, September, 1997. 12 pp. $4.00.

_____ "New Mechanisms for Monetary Exchange."
World Business Academy Perspectives, Vol. 8, No 2, 1994. 20 pp. $5.00.

_____ "Prosperity Without Money."
At Work: Stories of Tomorrow's Workplace, Vol. 3, No 2, March/April, 1994. 3 pp. $1.00.

_____ "The Local Employment Trading System."(with Michael Linton),
Whole Earth Review, No 55, Summer, 1987. 6 pp. $2.00.

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