Community Currency and Exchange Development

Community Exchange Systems in the Global South:
Stephen DeMeulenaere's excellent resource, which includes articles on community currencies and reports about current research and education projects.

The Globetrotting LETSaholic - eBook
A guide to improving your lifestyle through LETS written by James Taris. You may find other eBooks at

Open Money:
Michael Linton's current main development focus.

Transaction Net:
Contains material by Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money.

Roy Davies Site:
Provides general resources on local and interest-free currencies, including LETS. Lists Micro-credit groups and Credit Unions, and has a section on usury.

Community Information Resource Center:
Provides broad coverage of promising approaches to solving the global mega-crisis, highlighting restructuring efforts in several basic areas, including money, banking, and finance.

Community Currency Website:
Maintained by activist, Carol Brouillet.

Aktie Strohalm:
This website of the Netherlands NGO, Aktie Strohalm, is one of the most comprehensive websites on Green economics generally. It is active all over the world, and has links to various community currencies and to sites on the Mondragon cooperative discussions, credit unions, e-money, and Islamic banking.

International Journal of Community Currency Research:
A web-based journal based in Leicester, UK, and managed by Prof. Colin Williams.

New Zealand:
A website on stable money

Updated on 08/10/2005