Monetary Reform Oriented Links

British Association for Monetary Reform
Contains articles and books on the subject of monetary reform and economics

A weekly international Ezine focusing on the New Economics -
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A proposal originated by Ken Bohnsack for having the government spend money into circulation by lending it to lower levels of government. Also see

A website of PROSPERITY, a monthly four-page journal dedicated to reforming the money system, and based in Glasgow, Scotland. Initiated by The Bromsgrove Group, which consists of a wide variety of organizations involved in monetary reform. To view many of the interesting articles, click here. Includes several by Michael Rowbotham, author of The Grip of Death

Global Research:
Geldreform (Money Reform): This is a German sites which promotes monetary reform, with an emphasis on the ideas of Silvio Gesell. It has material in both German and English. Includes access to the full text of Silvio Gesell's Natural Economic Order (downloadable) and Irving Fisher's Stamp Scrip, plus other important texts.

Hans Eisenkolb's Website:
Hans has made a special study of Wörgl and Silvio Gesell. One section is in German, one is in English. Go to 'Gogo' and find his proposals for a local community currency:

NORFED and the Liberty Dollar:
NORFED issues its own silver and gold coins and silver certificates.

Updated on 08/10/2005