Operational Community Exchange Systems

Here are just a representative few of the thousands of community currencies and mutual credit systems in operation around the world.

The Worldwide Database of Complementary Currency Systems
By Stephen DeMeulenaere

This database collects statistical information on complementary currency systems and generates detailed reports on the state of these systems. We encourage all complementary currency systems, of all types, anywhere in the world, to record their information in this database, and we welcome your comments to improve the database.

The SANE Community Exchange System
By Tim Jenkin

SANE stands for the South African New Economics Network, an organisation modelled on the New Economics Foundation in the UK. We also hope it stands for the creation of a sane economic system based on a new type of money.

Project LETS List:
This site provides an online directory of many social currency and mutual credit systems around the world. It allows each system listed to enter and update their own information.

International LETS List:
This is another online directory which tries to maintain a comprehensive listing of social currency and mutual credit systems worldwide. Compiled and maintained by John Turmel, this international list has web sites and E-mail contacts for over 700 local currency systems in over 45 nations.

Social Money
Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

Red Lases
Red LatinoAmericana de SocioEconomia Solidaria

Ottawa LETS:
Ottawa LETS is a web-based mutual credit system. It has developed open source software that enables its members to see the list of offers and requests online, and to keep their own information current.

Fair Shares:
Fair Shares is the UK pilot of the American Time Dollars system.

Time Banks UK network
A website on stable money

Updated on 08/10/2005